A call to a Masada intake Coordinator assesses the needs of each individual. Based on the information gathered, the referral is made to a Masada nurse who will schedule a convenient appointment to visit the client’s home. The nurse will conduct a personalized assessment and evaluates environmental factors, such as potential hazards in the home that could affect the client’s overall wellbeing.

The nurse then develops a unique care plan that details the type, range and frequency of services that will best maintain the client’s physical, emotional and social well-being.

As part of this assessment, the nurse consults with the client, family members or other care givers. They are important participants of the home care team and are encouraged to fully contribute in all aspects of the care plan.

In addition, Masada has several procedures to ensure the delivery of quality care and the appropriate level of care as needs change:

Masada nurses make supervisory visits to ensure clients receive the appropriate level of care
Staff members are responsive to changing client needs. If care plans change, we can arrange a match by scheduling different personnel Field coordinators make select home visits to ensure care is provided as the individual care plan indicates.
Getting Started: Taking the First Step
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