J.R. was a sixteen-year old single male who dropped out of middle school after completing the seventh grade. He resides with his parents, two brothers, and one sister. Realizing that not completing school was limiting his chances of finding a job, J.R. reached out to JCS for help. Through the Y.A.S.S. Program, J.R. was registered in a training center to complete his high school diploma, which he finished and earned his high school diploma. After receiving his diploma, he stated that he was interested in joining the military once he turns eighteen years of age. In turn, the Y.A.S.S. counselor advised him of the importance of the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) entrance examination. Through JCS and its Y.A.S.S. Program, the counselor purchased the study guide and is helping him to use it and prepare for the examination.